1. Log-in to Outreach using your existing credentials.

  2. Click on 'Prospects' from the quick navigation bar on the left and select a prospect from the list.

  3. Click on the prospect’s email ID under the prospects name on the right side.


  1. In the compose email window, click on the Hippo Video icon at the bottom left. 


  1. You may record a new 1:1 video or choose an existing video from the library.

  1. To record a video:

    1. Click on ‘Record with Screen Recording’.

(Record your message)

Note: You will notice webcam & mic are selected by default. To capture your screen while recording the message, select ‘Screen’. Otherwise, you can leave it unchecked and proceed to the next step.

    1. Click on ‘Start recording’ to record your message.

    2. Click on ‘Finish Recording’ when done. 

Note: To personalise or edit an existing video you must click on ‘Choose from library’ in the previous step, select any video from the library and click on ‘Continue’. All videos can be personalised or edited in the edit step.

Now to personalize the video, click on edit video and click on the “T” text icon.


  1. Now click on ‘Add Merge Fields’  and then choose ‘First Name’ from the list.


  1. You will notice the text ‘${First Name}’ getting added to the video. 

Note: You can add more than one merge field to the video. Fields like last name, company name, email, location etc. can be used to personalize the video as per your requirement and video content.

  1. Click on the text icon again to add text along with the merge field.

Pro tip: It is recommended to add a short message or a greeting before or after the merge field variable. It makes the video more personal and lets your recipient connect better with you.

  1. Click on the orange band on the seek bar to enter the start and end time of the personalized text.


Note: This step determines the duration and position of the merge field (personalization) 
in the video.

  1. Once you are done with personalization, click on the ‘Thumbnail’ tab on the top right corner to choose a thumbnail for the video

Pro Tip: It is always recommended to choose an animated GIF thumbnail over a static one.

  1. Once you’ve selected your thumbnail, click on ‘Copy to Clipboard’. 

  2. You can now edit or remove the email text in the edit template window and paste the video.

Note: Press Ctrl+V (if you are working on Windows OS) or Command+V (if you are working on Mac OS) to paste the video.

  1. You will notice your video getting pasted as a thumbnail.

  1.  Click on ‘Send'.