By customizing the domain and sub-domain URL, you can provide good exposure to your brand. With Hippo Video, you can use your own domain and sub-domain to redirect visitors to your website without having to show your videos on a third party platform.

How do I set up domain and sub-domain inside Hippo Video?

Firstly to change the domain and sub-domain name, you'll need a business or school plan.

You can checkout our plans at here.

1. Now to start with, go to settings.

2. Once you’re there, you will see Custom Domain under ‘BRANDING’ section.

3. Add your Custom domain in the space provided, for eg: 

4. Optionally, you can add your sub-domains in the sub-domain field.

5. To set up Custom Domain, you need to configure your domain with a unique DNS record provided by Hippo Video. Please enter your Video Portal URL and submit your request below. The certificate process might take a week.

6. Click  after you have added the domain.

P.S: This feature is available only in the Business and School plans.