The quest to build a flawless email that delivers an exceptional customer experience is a never-ending process. At the same time, one can’t spend their entire time writing emails. We at Hippo Video, now provide email templates that you can choose from for every occasion in your buyer’s lifecycle.

Note: You can use the email templates while sending 1:1 video emails and launching video campaigns.


To send an email with existing templates 

Follow the steps below to create and send emails to your customers from our template library,

  1. Log-in to  Hippo Video with your existing credentials.

  2. Click on the Library icon from the left navbar and then select the video you wish to share with your customers.

  3. Then, click on Video Campaigns > Send Email from the center pane.

  1. Then, tap on the drop-down next to Email Template.

  2. From the list displayed, choose a template that best suits your goal. 

  3. Once you select a template, the email content along with your video will be automatically added to the compose window.

  1. You can add your recipients from within Hippo Video. Click on Add Contacts to add your customer’s data manually and click Submit.

  1. To directly sync your customer’s data from Google Sheets, Google Contacts, your desktop, or the people tab click on Import Contacts and click Import Contacts.

Note: In case, if you decide to change your template, you can do so by selecting a different template. Or, if you want to change the email content, you can always edit it from the compose window.

  1. Once you’re done, click Send to share the email with your customers. You can also track your video emails within Hippo Video from Video Campaigns > Reports from the center pane.

To create an email template

  1. Click on More icon from the left navbar and then click on Email Templates.

  1. Click on Create New Template at the top right.

  1. You can name your template, add a subject line, and email body to create a template.

  2. If you want to add personalization to your email template, click on the Insert Merge Field option and select your field.

  1. Once you have completed your template, click on SAVE.