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Create video from images

With a bit of creativity, images, and an audio track you can create an image video. You can create a simple video using a series of images and perfect background music with Hippo Video.

To create video from images:

  1. Log-in to  Hippo Video with your existing credentials.

  2. Click on the +Create button from the top right and then click on Create Video from Images.

  1. Now to import images, click the Add Images button shown at the bottom of the page. You can import up to 25 images each of 5MB size to create a video.

  1. You can import images from your local/recently used/g-drive/library images/free stock images/shopify.

  2. Select the image and then click on Import.

  1. The selected images will be imported.

  1. Now, you can set image appearance duration from Image Settings displayed on the right pane and add a fade effect to your images using toggle the Fade button.

  1. To add audio, click on the Add Audio File button displayed on the right pane and choose an audio track that will play in the background.

  1. You can select a file from your local/recently used/audio library/g-drive and click Import.

  1. To alter the music play time, click Scissor icon or to delete, click Delete icon and adjust the BG Music Crossfade slider for smoothness.

Note: You can also preview the video by clicking on the Preview button on the top right.
  1. You also have an option to narrate the image story by recording voice. Click the Record Voiceover button.

  1. Click on Start Audio Recording button below the video preview and click the Save button.

  1. Once you’re satisfied with the changes, save it or to edit more keenly click on which directs you to the Pro-editor.

Your video might take a few seconds to process to offer you with a high-quality video.

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