With Hippo Video, you can now import documents or images inside your library. The imported documents and images can be used for the following purposes,

  • Creating video templates

  • Creating sandwich video

  • Adding Images through simple and pro edit

  • Creating videos from Images

  • Adding inside sales page carousel 

To import document or image inside HV library:

  1. Login to Hippo Video using your existing credentials.

  2. Click on + Create button from the top right corner and then click Import Document/Image

  1. Click browse to select the image/document from your local drive.

  1. Select the folder to upload the image/document and click Import.

  1. It will take a few minutes to complete the process. You’ll notice that the selected image is imported into the Hippo Video Library.

Note: The imported image or document will have a tag as ‘Image’ or ‘PDF’ or ‘DOCX’ depending on the type of file.