1. Log-in to  Hippo Video with your existing credentials.

  2. Click on Library from the left navbar.

  3. Click All Videos and then select the videos or click on the specific category to select the videos you wish to move. 

  4. When you hover the mouse over the videos you will see the option to select a video at the top right corner of the video thumbnail.

  1. Now, select multiple videos.

Note: The green check on the top right of your video thumbnail indicates the selection.

  1. You’ll have an option to select the category at the top. 

  2. Click to choose category.

  1. Select the category.

  2. Click Close icon to remove the selected category.

  1. Once you’ve selected, click on Save. The selected videos will be moved to a specific category. 
    Note: To select and move all videos, click on the check box at the top left.