Hippo Video is packed with features to help you record videos with high-quality that look very professional. 

Make your video viewer-friendly with these markup tools

Markup tools allow annotation on screen. It helps viewers digest the content of a video faster. It will be available at the bottom right corner of your screen. 

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Feature Highlights and Purpose

Note: By hovering the mouse over each tool, you’ll also be able to shortcut keys for the same.

Pause and Play

  • The pause and play button allows you to quick-freeze the recording video when you select, then resumes the video as soon as you click on the play button

  • This function helps you pause your video when you’re not ready to continue recording


  • The stop button allows you to end the recording

Click Animation

Show your audience everything you click in your video. When you choose this tool, it creates a ring animation on the area that was clicked with your mouse.  It helps draw the prospect’s attention to a specific aspect and usually helpful in how-to-video and demo videos.

To explore

  1. Click on the Click Animation tool.

  2. Simply point and click the area that you want your audience to focus on. 


  • Draw and write text on your video while recording using a highlighter tool

  • You can  also change  the color of the highlighter 


  • This tool lets you focus on a particular portion of the video. It is particularly useful when you want to highlight important data points in a graph. You have access to this tool in any tab during recording.


  • Highlights on the video can be erased one at a time.

Clear Screen

  • Use it to erase everything at once.

Hide Markup Tools while recording

  • Click to hide the tools.

  • Click to unhide the tools.