Let's see the various ways of sharing videos:

  1. Login to Hippo Video with your existing credentials.

  2. Click on the Library icon from the left navbar. 

  3. Click on All Videos and then select the video you wish to share. 

Sharing  videos as an URL link anywhere/with Sales Page:

You can send the unique link of the video to the specific prospect and choose a sales page, where you want to embed your videos.

  1. Below the video preview page, click on the Link/Sales Page.

  2. Enter your prospect’s email and name. To analyze Whether they opened the email, Watched, etc. 
    NoteEmail and Name fields are optional. If you want to track, then you need to give the details. 

Sales Page:

        Note: To change the default landing page, click on the Change Page.


  1. You can also copy the link/link with the thumbnail/link for the HubSpot/link for the LinkedIn of your video.

Note: You can scroll down to check your video’s preview before sending it to the prospect. To check them out, you can copy the link and paste it in the new tab & have a look/appearance of your video. 

  1. Copy Link with Thumbnail - It copies the Video URL with thumbnail to the clipboard, and you can now share it through any platform.  E.g., URL pasted in Gmail. 
    Note: You can either click on the Video thumbnail or Watch Video link below the video to play the video.

  1. Copy Link - It copies the Video URL to the clipboard, and you can now share through any platforms. E.g., URL pasted in Gmail.

  1. Copy Link for HubSpot - It copies the Video URL with thumbnail to the clipboard, and you can now share it through HubSpot
    Note: Click on the Video thumbnail to play the video.

  1. Copy Link for LinkedIn- It copies the Video URL with thumbnail to the clipboard, and you can now share it through LinkedIn. 

  1. Paste the link inside LinkedIn Inbox and press Enter.

  2. Initially, you’ll be able to see only the link. 

  1. It will take a few seconds to generate the thumbnail for the receiver and sender. 

Sharing videos through Social Media/Platforms:

  1. You can share your video in two different ways:

    1. Below the video preview, click on the Social/Export and click on the respective channels/platforms.

    2. Then, sign in to your sharing channel and access Hippo Video to share or post it to your account.



  1. Alternatively, you can click on the Publish Video in the center panel; click on the Share/Export and then on the respective channels/platforms.

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