Video analytics is a great way to understand your video’s performance and viewer engagement with videos. With Hippo Video, you get access to all the video insights. Overall report w.r.t number of views, videos shared, watched rate, and reactions and individual reports on video shared source(e.g., Facebook, Twitter).

Here's a brief walkthrough video on how to track video analytics,

Let’s see how you can check the analytics/reports via the Video Info tab. 

  1. Log-in to  Hippo Video with your existing credentials.

  2. Click on Library icon from the left navbar and then select the video.

  3. In the video preview page, click Video Info from the tab on the right and click on Reports.

  4. You will be able to view the brief report, and to view the detailed reports, click on the View Detailed Reports at the bottom.

  1. It will redirect you to the detailed reports screen where you can access various reports such as Overall Report, Demographic Report, Shared Report, and Reactions Report.

Let’s go to the detailed explanation of each report we offer:

The graph displayed on the video preview indicates, what portion of your video watched the most and how many unique users have re-watched your video. Based on this report, you can understand which part of your video has the highest impact on your viewers.

Overall Report - In the overall report, you can see how many people have watched and shared your video. You can also find the number of viewers who watched your videos until the end.

Demographic Report - In viewership report, you can see the locations of your video been visited from and to get a detailed view of the location. Double click on an area to zoom. If you click on the location pin, you get the number of people who played your video from that particular location.

You can also get a device report from which your video is seen. Scroll down the page to find DEVICES. The color code and view percentage represent views gained from desktop and mobile.

Hippo Video also provides an overview of the sources that send traffic to your Website, such as direct traffic, referrals, email, social media, etc.

Shared Video Report - Get the complete video performance report on the platform where your video is shared(e.g., Facebook, Twitter, direct link, embed code). You can also see how your video is performing, based on the number of times your video is played and its unique users.

In this report,

  • Unique Plays: Number of users who watched your video. 

  • Total Plays: Number of times a video is played, including the rewatch video count.

You can filter the report based on weekly and monthly performance, and you can also download the report (top right corner) in .csv and .xls formats to your local drive.

Reactions Report - In the reaction report, we provide the most relevant data for interactions such as reactions, likes, and dislikes. Also, you will know how many viewers have reacted to your video at a specific time. The image below displays the count of each reaction given by your audience.

Timeline Actions Report - In the timeline action report, we provide the total count of users, annotations, lead generation, custom poll, promote playlist, and CTA along with the user details such as IP and location.

Note: You can download reports by clicking on Download Reports at the top right and to exit from the report, click on the Exit Report on the top right corner.

Let’s see how you can check the analytics/reports for each prospect. 

  1. Click on Sales icon from the left navbar and then click on Prospecting Video Emails

  2. All the existing prospects will be listed.

Note: You can also view the total count of existing prospects, videos sent, emails opened, and videos watched at the bottom of the screen.

  1. Now, click on icon, to view the specific prospects report/analytics that you have sent to them. You will be able to see the count of emails opened, watch rate, plays, and clicks.

  1. You also have an option to delete/retake your drafted video by clicking on the appropriate icons.

  1. To view the detailed report, click on View Details

Let’s see how you can check the analytics/reports via Video Campaigns. 

  1. Click on Library icon from the left navbar and select the video for which you want to check the analytics. 

  2. In the video preview page, click on Video Campaigns from the tab on the right and click on Reports.

  3. You will be able to see the brief report such as the total count of mail sent, contacts opened the mail, and contacts watched the video.

  4. To view the detailed information of each category, click on the appropriate icons.

  1. Here, e.g., Displays the detail count of the contacts watched the video.