1. Login to Hippo Video using existing credentials. Click on the Sales icon from the left navbar and click on the Sales Pages

  2. In the Sales Pages screen, click on Create New on the top right corner.

  3. Select Channels from the Category list on the top right corner.

  4. Hover the mouse over the Video Avenue section.

  1. You can either Preview your template or use the Create Page option.

  1. All the elements that are available in the video avenue template are customizable. Here, you have an option to edit the title, format text, and insert an image.

  1. Click on the Pencil  icon, to edit the title.

  2. Click on the Text area upon which text formatting options will be prompted. You can enter the respective content i.e. heading & description by placing the cursor over the text. The Insert Merge Field drop-down menu helps insert fields like First Name, Company Name, etc.

  3. Click on the Add Image, to insert logo, etc.

  4. In case, if you want to remove the specific section from the template then place the cursor/hover the mouse over the section and click on the Delete icon.

  5. Click on Add Primary Video to add a video to your page. 

  1. Select Category

Note: The Green tick indicates selection.

  1. Click on Proceed

  2. You will notice the selected video categories loaded as a thumbnail inside the Video Avenue page.

  1. Click on the Edit Category on the top right corner (optional).

  2. Once you’re done, click on Save.

  3. Fill in the fields required such as Sales page name and URL. You can also edit the Privacy Settings, Icon, and Thumbnail.

  1. Now, click on Save and Next

  2. You shall be redirected to the Hippo Video page layout.

  3. Below the video preview, you can enter the details like the prospect's email and first name, to keep track of the video sent (whether they have opened the email, how they watched, etc.).


Note: If you want to paste your video along with thumbnail in any other website or email layout, you have an option to do so by clicking on the Copy Link with thumbnail below the video thumbnail. 

  1. Add or import contact and enter a subject line.

  2. Once you’re done, click on the Send in the email layout on the right. In case you do not want to send the sales page right away, you have an option to schedule it for later. 

  1. You can always track your video reports through email notifications. For e.g., if the prospects clicks the link then an email will be triggered and if the prospects plays the video then again the email will be triggered. For detailed reports, you can click the Reports tab in the video preview page.