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Recording a video from Google Slides

To record a google slide video:

  1. Open Google Slides and click Go to Google Slides.

  1. Select the file you wish to create a video.

  1. Click on the Record Presentation button at the top. You’ll see a pop-up that appears with the recording options.

  1. Ensure the Screen and Mic options have been ticked. It is recommended to add yourself to the video to lend a personal touch. Tick the Webcam option to do so.

  2. Click on Start recording to record your message.

  1. Choose between sharing your entire screen or only the application window and click on Share.  Your video recording has now begun.

  2. You can utilize various mark-up tools such as Click Animation, Highlight, Cursor, etc, to draw your viewer’s attention to specific areas on your screen.

  1. Click on Finish Recording when done.

  2. You can now preview your video. In case you want to reshoot your video, click on the Retake icon at the top left of the video preview. 

  1. Rename your video by clicking on the New Recording to place your cursor.

  2. Click on the Edit Video option to add text or trim any awkward pauses at the beginning or end of the video.

  3. By default, the video is saved inside the Others folder. You can change the folder, if necessary.

  4. You can add text or images to the video.

  5. By clicking on the Show advanced options, you’ll find various options to add to your videos - selecting a thumbnail, sales pages, and CTA.

  6. Before sending to your prospects, you can always send for the internal review by clicking on the Send for Review button at the bottom left.

  7. Click on the Copy Link button at the bottom, to share the link via HubSpot and LinkedIn by clicking on the appropriate option.

  8. Or Click Send Email to send a video email to the prospect.


Note: You can find your video automatically saved in the Hippo Video Library.

Here’s a quick video on how to record a video and share or send it across,

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