1. If you are a student, clicking on the assignment link shared by your teacher opens a new tab with an option to record a new video as your response. 

  2. Ensure the ‘Screen’ and ‘Mic’ options have been ticked. Tick the webcam option if you want to include yourself in the video. Click ‘Record’. 


  1. Choose between sharing your entire screen or only the application window and click on ‘Share’.  Your video recording has now begun. 

  2. Navigate to your presentation or the notes you want to showcase.

  3. You can utilize various mark-up tools such as  Click Animation, Highlight, Cursor, etc, to draw attention to specific areas on your screen.     

  4. Click on ‘Finish Recording’ when done. 

  5. Click on ‘Edit Video’ under the video preview layout.

a. You can trim out any awkward pauses at the beginning or end of the video by clicking on the scissor icon. 

b. Click on the ‘T’ icon to add text.



c. Click on the orange band on the seek bar to enter the start and end-time of the text.


d. Hit ‘Save’ when done.

  1. Under ‘Video Info’ on your right, enter a video title, add a description and hit ‘Submit’.  

  2. You shall receive a pop-up window confirming that your assignment response has been submitted. You can also copy the link provided to share your assignment on other platforms.

Note: All your students’ video responses will be added to its respective Class folder under ‘Assignments’.