1. Log-in to Hippo Video using your existing credentials. 

  2. Click on ‘Library’ from the bar on top. 

  3. You will find a folder named after your zoom account with all your zoom recordings saved inside it.

  4. Click on the folder followed by the video you would like to send.

  5. In preview layout, click on ‘Send email’ under Video Campaigns from the tab on the right. 

  1. Click on ‘Add Contacts’ to enter a contact or multiple contacts.

  2. Click on ‘Import contacts’ to import contacts from your desktop, Google contacts or Google sheets.

  3. Enter a subject line and hit ‘Send’.

  4. You shall receive a pop-up notification confirming your mail has been successfully sent. 

  5. You could also share this video from your CRM.

  6. Click on ‘Copy with thumbnail’ under the video preview window. 

  7. Navigate to your CRM or mailbox in a new tab and paste in the email window.

  8. You shall notice the video getting pasted as a thumbnail.