1. Log-in to Slack Workspace using your existing credentials. 

  2. Select a contact under ‘Direct messages’ or a channel from the left.

  3. Click on the orange Hippo Video icon at the bottom of the message window.

  4. To record your screen, click on ‘Record with Screen Recording’.

Note: Ensure the ‘screen’ and ‘mic’ options have been ticked. It is recommended to add yourself to the video to lend a personal touch. Tick the ‘webcam’ option too.

  1. Click on ‘Start recording’ to record your message.

  2. Choose between sharing your entire screen or only the application window and click on ‘Share’.  Your video recording has now begun. 

  3. Navigate to your presentation or the tool you want to showcase.

  4. Use features like Click Animation, Highlight, Cursor, etc, to draw your prospects attention to specific areas on your screen.

  5. Click on ‘Finish Recording’ when done. 

  6. Click on ‘Edit Video’, to trim awkward pauses if any at the beginning or end.

  7. Click on ‘Insert Video’ when done.

  8. Your video gets pasted as a link to the message window. 

  9. Hit the ‘Enter’ button to send it out.