To integrate your zoom account with Hippo Video, you need a 

  1. Hippo Video account with Pro plan or above. Sign-up here.
  2. Zoom account with cloud recording on, on any of the plans mentioned below
    1. Pro, Business, Education, API or Enterprise
  1. Log-in to Hippo Video using your existing credentials. 

  2. Click on the ‘More’ icon and select ‘Settings’. Click on ‘Integrations’ listed below.

  1. All your integrations will be listed here. Scroll down to find Zoom, and click on the ‘Integrate’ button against it. 


  1. Fill-in your Zoom credentials and click on ‘Sign-in’.

Note: For the integration to work, emails ids of your Hippo Video account and Zoom account need not be the same.

  1. Click on ‘Authorize’ when Hippo Video requests access to your Zoom account. 

  2. You will see a notification confirming that your account has been successfully configured.  

Hit the refresh button on your Hippo Video integrations page to find your Zoom integration status ‘Enabled’. 


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