1. Log-in to your Outreach account and click on ‘Prospects’ from the quick navigation bar on the left. 

  2. Select multiple prospects for the campaign and click on ‘Bulk Compose’ icon on top.

  1. Once the email compose window has opened, click on the ‘Hippo Video icon’ at the bottom.

  1. You can either record a new video or choose an existing video from the Library and personalize it.

  1. To record a video:

    1. Click on ‘Start recording’ to record your message.

    2. Click on ‘Finish Recording’ when done. 

  2. To choose an existing video:

    1. Click on the ‘Choose from library’ button located on the bottom right tab. 

    2. All your pre-recorded videos shall be sorted by categories and displayed here. Select a video and click on ‘Continue’. 

  3. To personalize your video

    1. Click on edit video and click on the “T” text icon.

    1. Now click on ‘+Merge Fields’ and then choose ‘First Name’ from the list.

    1. You will notice the text ‘${First Name}’ getting added to the video. 

    1. You may choose to add a short message before or after the merge field variable.

    2. Click on the orange band on the seek bar to enter the start and end time of the personalized text.

    1. Click on ‘Insert Video’ to finish up.

  1. You shall notice your video gets pasted to the email layout as a thumbnail. Click on ‘Send All’.

  1. The personalized message would appear like this to your prospect.