Don’t put your viewer attention at risk with non-personalized videos. Connect with each person by merging unique details into video. Personalized videos can be a great asset for reaching your goals through each step of your customer journey. With Hippo Video, generate thousands of personalized text and image videos from a spreadsheet with your customer information.


How to insert a personalized image into video?

To begin with,

  1. Log in to your Hippo Video account.

  2. Go to the video you want to personalize with images.

  3. Hover over ‘Edit Video’  select ‘Quick Edit’ or navigate to ‘PERSONALIZE VIDEO’  ‘Video’ and then tap on the  button.

  4. Go to the frame or time in the video where you want to add the image.

  5. Now click on the (image icon) and select ‘Add Personalized Image’ or ‘Add website snapshot.’

Add Personalized Image

If you want to insert a picture of your customer or their brand logo to personalize their experience and connect with them. Add the particular web URL in your spreadsheet with column name ‘image1’ for the first screenshot and ‘image2’ for the second and so on.

Add Website Snapshot

If you want to insert your customer’s website screenshot. You needn’t go through the process of taking a screenshot and then add the web URL in your spreadsheet. 

You can simply enter the customer’s website link in your spreadsheet with column name ‘website1’ for the first screenshot and ‘website2’ for the second and so on.

  1. After you select merge field, place it anywhere on your video by dragging.

  2. Click on the merge field box to edit the opacity and unlock the image aspect ratio.

Once you’re confident about your video and personalization, click ‘SAVE.’ Then go to ‘VIDEO CAMPAIGNS’ → ‘Campaign Link’ to launch a personalized video campaign from the email service provider you use. Or, you can directly send a campaign from ‘VIDEO CAMPAIGNS’ → ‘Campaign Link’ by importing your spreadsheet with customer data.

For instance, if you want to share your personalized video with a specific customer, instantly. You can send privately by entering the respective merge field’s inputs.

Check out this video guide for the same process:

Contact us if you have any questions.