Hippo Video allows you to insert user data on your video thumbnail image.  You can then insert the videos in your MailChimp email campaigns along with your personalized thumbnails. Personalizing your thumbnail helps you display a unique image for each email recipient to increase click-through rates.

  1. Go to  Videos and Documents.

  2. Click All Videos.

  3. Then select the video you wish to add in your email campaign. 

  4. Now, click on the Customize Video from the center pane and choose a frame from your video or upload an image and set it as the thumbnail image.

  1. To personalize your thumbnail, click on the Personalize Video from the center pane and then click on Personalize Thumbnail.

  1. Click on Add Personalized Text/Add Placeholder Image, to add text/image.

  2. Then you can proceed to add merge fields, text, or a logo to your thumbnail image.

  3. Once you’re done personalizing your thumbnail image, click Save

  4. To copy your video embed code, click on the Video Campaigns from the center pane and then click on the Mailchimp from the Email Marketing Software.

  5. Then, below Email Merge Tag, click on Copy Code.

  1. Now log in to your MailChimp account and then click on the Campaigns icon > All Campaigns.

  1. Click on Create Campaign on the top right corner to create a new campaign else click on an existing campaign.

  2. Then add the list that you’ve created to the To field. Fill in the From details, add a subject, and then design your template.

  1. To attach a video in your email campaign, click on the Design Email near the Content tab.

  1. Then, drag the ‘Code’ block available on the right side of your screen and drop it in the template.

  2. Paste the copied embed code in your email HTML editor to generate a video thumbnail.

  1. To see how your video email appears, you can Preview, and then click Save and Close after making the changes.

  2. Click on Continue, to exit.

  3. Finally, click on Send at the top right corner of the screen. Your email campaign sent successfully to the selected contacts.

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