To glue the audience to your videos, you need to customize your video background as well. Now to customize your video background, a green screen is an excellent option.

Green screens/chroma key is all about differentiating the foreground and the background based on color.


Here’s how to add a green screen/chroma key effect to your video:

  1. Firstly, select a video of your choice and go to the pro editor.

  2. To add the green screen/chroma key effect, select the effect () icon and choose the option ‘Add Chroma Key.’

  3. Then, create a color key by clicking on

  4. Now, use the color picker tool to select the color that you want to remove from your video.

  5. You can create multiple color keys to remove multiple colors from your video.

  6. Adjust the tolerance value until you match the color key in your video.

  7. Once you’ve completely removed the key color, import an image or a video and add it to your video timeline.

  8. You have to make sure that you place the imported file below the actual video track.

Check out this video demo for the same: