Today, video has become a highly consumed medium. YouTube sees 72 hours worth of videos being uploaded within a span of 60 seconds. If you fail to optimize your video content for search engines, you are falling far behind your competition.

So, the burning question of the hour is, how do you do it and o you need multiple software to optimize your video for SEO?


With just one tap, everything can be done right inside Hippo Video. All you need to do is enable the SEO index option available under 'PUBLISH VIDEO' --> 'Embed' --> 'INLINE EMBED.'

Make sure to add title and description to your videos which let Google and your viewers know what’s in your videos and why anyone should watch them.

Then, add captions and keywords. Captions and keywords are two mainstays that make your videos easy to find.

When you enable this option, your video will be automatically indexed by Google. The following are a set of indexed parameters: Video title, description, video duration, subtitles, meta tags, and video thumbnail. Refer to this article to learn more about Google's SEO index for videos.

Start optimizing your video content with Hippo Video and get located/found easily by search engines.