GIFs have taken our over lives and is one of the frequent things we see on the internet today. A GIF is an endless loop which stops after few series, and it is popularly used for any quick display, explanation, or when a feature requires an announcement.

How to convert video to GIF?

  1. Go to the video library and choose the video or import a video you’d like to convert into a gif.

  2. Select from the options listed on the right-side of the video preview.

  3. Then, you can choose the area of the GIF from the video by moving the slide bar.

  4. By default the area covered by the slide bar is 30 sec, it can be extended to 60 sec.

  5. Once you select the area, choose the resolution, frame rate, and speed.

  6. Finally, click on  to save the changes.

The features we offer to convert your video into a GIF are:

  1. You can make a GIF up to 1-minute length. 
  2. We offer resolution up to 1080p and frame rate 10,15, and 20.
  3. The video which is converted into a GIF is marked as (Icon) for convenience.
  4. You can also speed up the video 3 times.