Hippo Video now provides you a dominant feature to collaborate with the users and viewers of your videos through comments. Comments help you and your viewers to respond to the videos quickly. This will enhance the engagement with your audience and provides you the opportunity to know your their likes and dislikes.

Don’t worry!! We allow guest comments. Anyone who can view your video will be able to comment. Your viewers needn’t have to sign up for Hippo Video to comment.

Types of comments we offer:

If you’re done with the same old text comments, then pay attention to what we are going to offer.

It’s video comments

Improve your video success rate through continuous engagement with your audience. To communicate through video comments, all your viewers can do is select inputs, record and post. It’s way easier than typing text, isn’t it?

Where can I find the comments?

Comments for your videos will be available below the video preview along with the video information where you can have access to all the comments for that particular video.

Both you and your viewers have an option to add comments at a specific time.

For instance, if your viewer liked a particular clip in your video, he/she can tap on the video timeline or the buffer bar at the point of time they’d like to comment.

Admin or the video owner will be able to hide/unhide specific comments from being displayed to others.

How my viewers can comment?

To comment, your viewer’s can:

  1. Click on ‘ADD NEW COMMENT’

  2. And, type their comment in the space provided.

  3. To comment on the video at a specific time, your viewers can hover over the video buffer bar and select ‘ADD COMMENT’ at the point of time they’d like to comment.

  4. Finally, to comment they can click on the  button.

Here’s a video which shows how to comment on a video: