Change the privacy settings of your videos and manage who has access to view them. Follow the steps below to change the privacy settings for a video,

To manage video privacy settings:

  1. Login to Hippo Video using your existing credentials.

  2. Click on Library icon from the left navbar and then select a video to which you want to add privacy.

  3. Below the video preview, click Video Settings tab > Privacy.

  4. By default, Anyone with the link option will be selected.

  1. If you choose Only Me, the settings will be updated and the Copy Link button will be disabled automatically and when hovering the mouse over the button you’ll be notified with the message as This video cannot be shared due to privacy settings.

  1. If you choose Anyone in the org, the video will be viewed by anyone in the organization.
    Note: Any changes you make will automatically be saved.

To set the videos with a password:

This simple feature makes sure that only someone with the password can watch the video. You can secure your video with a password. 
Note: You can set anyone privacy options or both based on your preference. 

  1. Choose Anyone with the link and select Set Password to turn on the video password.

  2. Then, enter a password for the video and click Appy.

To set video expiry: 

Here is a way to remove the video after a particular time frame. You can choose to expire the videos instead of deleting them once the purpose of them is reached. The benefits of video expiry are you can reuse the videos in the future and prevent piracy.

  1. Choose Anyone with the link and select Set Expiry.

  2. Now, pick a date and time you want the video to expire from.

  3. Click Apply.