Adding Record Video Button in your website

Goto and click Generic Embed Widget.

Copy the script code and place it inside the head tag. Preferably at the begging, before all other scripts.

Copy the html code and place it wherever you want the record button to appear.

Getting the recorded video

The input element will contain the recorded video's URL after recording is complete.

Javascript API

onLoad Callback

    //All widget related code here



window.hippoWidget.on(eventname, callback);

Available events

record_initiated : when recording is initiated

record_started : when recording is started.(After user accepting permissions etc.)

record_paused : when user has paused the recording

record_resumed : when user resumes the paused recording

record_stopped : when user stops the recording

record_complete : when recording is complete. (event contains the video URL)

record_aborted : when user aborts the ongoing video recording/processing

record_error : when  there is an issue with recording. (event contains the error reason)


    window.hippoWidget.on("record_initiated", function(){
        console.log("recording initiated");

    window.hippoWidget.on("record_complete", function(event){
        console.log("recording initiated" + event.recorded_url);;


Sample Page

You can also customize the button you want to be displayed on your page. Here are some sample pages:



If you'd like to customize the button, please contact us at