The advantage of choosing multiple inputs to create a video is, it allows you to record based on your choice. Hippo Video enables its users to record videos in a combination of audio and webcam along with the screen.

Before you jump into recording your video, log in to your Hippo Video account.

To create a video using screen capture:

Keep your videos simple with screen capture. With Hippo Video, you can allow your viewers to visually see the same information in the same way as you, without missing out on any data. All you have to do is enable the screen capture and disable the rest of the inputs.

  1. Click on Chrome Extension and select SCREEN.


  1. Choose the capture area to record your screen.

  2. Select RECORD to start recording.

Screen record settings

You can choose your video recording area to the current tab or full desktop. Nevertheless, you can capture the entire screen or specific areas and you can always crop the unwanted screen area after recording, using the edit feature.

To create a recording with audio:

If you are camera shy and still want to convey information through videos, you can choose audio to record. You have an option to record with a combination of screen and audio. 

Follow these steps to create an audio recording,

  1. Click on Chrome Extension and select MIC.


  1. Choose your input source as default or external mic.

  2. Select RECORD to start recording.

Audio settings

Input source of audio can be changed. In case, if you don’t want to record using built-in audio, connect a microphone for audio. Click here to test your MIC with Hippo Video Microphone testing.

How to create a video using a webcam:

Record your videos with the webcam for a personal touch. You have an option to record with audio, screen, and webcam simultaneously.

Follow these steps to create your recording with webcam:

  1. Click on Chrome Extension and select WEBCAM.    


  1. Choose the webcam source.

  2. Select RECORD to start recording.

Webcam settings

Input source of video can be changed. In case, if you don’t want to record using the built-in webcam, connect an external source for the webcam. Hippo Video can help you to test your Webcam, click here