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Get video replies from your viewers

With the “Reply with Video” option inside the sales page, you can get video replies from your prospects. They can just simply click a button to record a brief video from any device. 


  • More interactivity

  • Greater depth in responses

  • Ability to analyze the tone of the speech

  • Get more personal feel to your message

Want to know how to add a Reply with Video button inside the sales page? Here you go,

  1. Click on the Library icon from the left navbar and select Sales Pages.

  2. Then, click the Create New button at the top right.

  1. You’ll be redirected to the Hippo Video Templates page.

  1. Hover the mouse over the template of your choice and click the Create Page button.

  1. All the elements that are available on the preview page are customizable. Here, you have an option to edit the title, format text, insert an image, change the background color, add primary video, insert merge fields, and add a carousel.

  1. Now, scroll down to add the Reply With Video button below the Primary Video.

Note: By default, the Reply With Video button will be added to the Get Video Reply link.
  1. In case, if the link is not added then click the Reply With Video button and you’ll find various options to pick, select the Get Video Reply link.

  1. Or select the Get Video Reply link at the top left from the Button Type drop-down.

  2. You’ll find an option to change the button nametext color on the button, and button color from the top.

  3. Once you’re done, click on the Green tick mark.

  1. Now, you’ve successfully added the Get Video Reply button inside the sales page.

Do you know how to view your video replies? Check out the below steps:  

  1. In the Sales Pages screen, click on the appropriate sales page link.

  1. Click the Video Replies tab from the center pane. You’ll notice the video replies on the right.

  1. Click the More icon, to add the video to the library or delete the video.

Note: As soon as the end-user sends a video response/reply, you’ll be notified inside the product.

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