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Embed videos into landing pages using media bridge

Now, you can easily install Hippo Video Library inside HubSpot from Asset Marketplace. With this, you get access to videos inside the library that can be inserted in the landing page.

Here's a brief walkthrough video on how to embed videos into landing pages using media bridge,

Let’s see how we can do this:

To search for Hippo Video inside Asset Marketplace:

  1. Click here, to download the Hippo Video from Asset Marketplace.

  2. Search for the Hippo Video and install the app.

To add a video to a landing page in HubSpot:

  1. Login to your HubSpot account.

  2. On the top menu bar, click Marketing > Website Landing Pages.

  1. Now, click the Create button on the top right & select the Landing page from the pop-up. 

  2. Choose a theme from the listed templates.

  3. Enter the name for your landing page.

  1. Click Create page

Note: If the Hippo Video app is installed, then the Hippo Video - Video Library component will appear automatically below All Modules.
  1. From the left side panel, under the Edit Page, click All modules and select Hippo Video - Video Library component.

  2. Drag and Drop - Place it on the landing page.

  1. Click on Add Video. You’ll see an option to add a video on the left.

  1. Click Select from Hippo Video button. You’ll see an Insert Hippo Video Test Media pop-up.

  1. Media Type is selected as Video by default.

  2. You can search for the specific media in the Search field.

  3. Click on the Browse folders link to search for the media folder wise.

  4. Select the video. You’ll see video preview and other options to customize the video.

  1. In the Media URL, you’ll find the URL of the selected video.

Note: Anytime you can change the video by clicking Replace or delete using Remove button.
  1. To set the Size of the media:

    1. Automatically adjust - This is selected by default. It helps to scale the media based on the browser and device size.

    2. Exact width and height - Selecting this will maintain your media size across all the devices. 

  2. To set the Maximum Size of the media:

    1. Original size - This is selected by default. It helps to retain its actual size.

    2. Full width - Selecting this will fill the width of its container.

    3. Custom - Selecting this will help to enter the values.

  1. Once done, click Apply Changes. You’ll notice that the video is inserted on the landing page.

  2. Click Save on the top left. Your landing page will be saved and ready to share.

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