Users can customize the pre-designed video templates and make them look professionally done. Create and share simple and repeatable videos in three simple steps - Select, Customize, and Save template. 

Note: This feature is applicable only in Enterprise plan. To enable this in your account, please contact "support team". 


  • Admin - Create a template and configure the flow of the video to the user.

  • User - Create a video based on the flow set by Admin.

Admin Flow

To create a video template

  1. Log-in Hippo Video with your existing credentials. Sign-up here if you are a new user.

  2. Click on the Video Templates icon from the left navbar. 

Note: By default, the pre-designed templates for Video Sandwich (automate intros and outros of your video pitch), Thank You (show your appreciation with special thanks)and New Year (send wishes) are available.

  1. Click on ‘Create New’ button on the top left corner.

Quick options you can use while creating a template:

  1. Click on the Edit icon (top left) to enter the name for your template (mandatory) and save.

Note: The Green check mark indicates your selection or details are saved.

  1. To set the background music for your video, click on the Set Background Music (top right).

  1. You can import audio from local, recently used, audio library or g-drive and then click on Import. The selected audio is set.
    Note: You can change the background music at any point in time.

  1. To embed your video on the selected sales page, click on the Set Sales Page (top right). 

  1. Select the sales page and then click on Choose. The selected sales page is set.
    Note: You can change the sales page at any point in time.

  1. On the left side of the screen, it lists the default slides for creating videos.


  • REC - Once the video or image is added to the slide the Rec button changes to a green tick mark.
  • +ADD - Click to add slides.
  1. On the right side of the screen, enter the title name, notes for your sales member, and content options (pre-defined video/dynamic video) for each slide of your template.
    If the Content Options is chosen as Pre-defined Video then you have an option to record video/import video (local/library) /import image (local/recently used/g-drive/library images/free stock images/shopify).

Record Video:

Click on Record Video.

Click on Record and then click on Finish Recording.

Click on Edit, to trim, crop, add emojis or callouts, blur out parts of the screen, resize, add text & set time duration.

Click on Submit. Your video is inserted.

If the Content Options is chosen as Dynamic Video then you have an option to enable for the user such as :



Webcam video

Add Script (is enabled where you can set a default teleprompter script for this video)

Screen share video

The end-user needs to create a video with screen sharing.

Import video and Import image


  1. Below is the preview of your template.

  1. Click on the Save as Template button at the top right corner.

  2. Your template is now available inside Video Templates and also inside all the video creation flow.


  • No access to Edit/Delete the Default templates.

  • Hover the mouse over the thumbnail to Edit/Delete the templates.

Basic features inside Video Templates (at the top of the screen):

  • Sort by - Sort the templates either by Recent/Name.

  • Search - Search for the specific template.

  • Visibility settings for quick create - By default, all the system templates are enabled. To show/remove the Templates inside the ‘+Create’ button, enable/disable the templates in the below settings.

Example: Enabled templates is available inside the + Create button. 

User Flow

To select the template and create the flow:

  1. Click on the Video Templates icon from the left navbar and then select the template.

  2. You will be navigated to the following screen.

Slide 1: 

  1. The Lock icon at the top right corner of the slide indicates no action required.

  2. Click on Next to move to the next slide.

Slide 2:

  1. Again, click on Next to move to the next slide.

Slide 3:

  1. Here, you have an option to record video/import video/record video with screen/import image.

  2. Now, for e.g. click on Record Video and then select the video you wish to insert. 

  1. By default, the Teleprompter is enabled. For more details on the teleprompter, click here.

  2. Click on Record.

  3. Once you’ve done, click on Finish Recording. Your video is imported.

  1. Click on Merge & Save at the top right corner.

  2. Your videos are stitched and ready to share/send email.

  1. By default, the merged video is saved inside the library under the Others folder.

  2. Edit, add text or image, and send the video for peer review.

  3. Else, you can share the video either by copy and paste the link inside your favorite tool or by email. 

Use Cases:

  • Easy to customize pre-designed templates.

  • Record only the essential part for the video.

  • Stitch multiple videos.

  • Pick your right templates inside the video creation flow.

  • Separate flows for sales videos that can be sent to prospects/customers.

  • Automate sales process with this workflow.

  • Brand guidelines of the company are maintained.