1. Login to Hippo Video using existing credentials.

  2. Click on the Sales icon from the left navbar > Sales Pages and then click on the Create New at the top right corner. 

  3. All your sales pages will be listed. 

  4. You’ll have an option to search the sales pages using various ways:

    1. Filter by - By default, it displays the My Sales Pages category. You can also opt for All Sales Pages or Shared Sales Pages.

    2. Sort by - By default, it displays the Recent category. You can also opt for Name.

    3. Search - Enter the name of the sales page and press Enter.

  1. Click on View Report near the sales page. It will redirect you to the reports section where you can see the Overall report and Performance report for the selected sales page.

  2. Click on the Share icon near the sales page. You will be shown with the following options to share.

  1. From the Visibility option, select as Everyone in the Organization/Specific User (mention the user)/Only Me.

  2. Once set, click Save. The visibility option will be set for the selected sales page.

  1. Click on More icon near the sales page, you’ll see various options:

    1. Set as Default - to set the selected sales page as default, 

    2. Clone - to duplicate the same, 

    3. Settings - to set its privacy and thumbnail, and add a personalized ‘Fav Icon’

    4. Delete - to remove the sales page. 

  2. Click on Edit icon near the sales page. It will redirect you to a Preview Page where you can edit. For more information on how to edit the sales page, click here.

    1. All the elements that are available on the preview page are customizable. Here, you have an option to edit title, format text, and insert an image.

  1. Once you’ve done, click on Save. The new changes will be saved.