By default, any sales page created will be visible to Everyone in the Organization. The users can change the privacy settings of the sales page according to their needs and their organization structure. As the creator of the sales page, you will have three Visibility and two Permission options as described below. The Sales page can be shared by both Admin and User roles. 


  • Everyone in the Organization - All the users in the account will be able to access the sales pages.

  • Specific Users - Only the users whom the page was shared with explicitly will be able to access the sale page with respective permission set while sharing.

  • Only Me - Only the creator will be able to access the sales page with full permissions(View and Edit)


  • Edit - Allow access to the user to edit the sales page.

  • View - Allow access to the user to view the sales page and share videos through the same.

  • Delete - This will not be shown as separate permission. Only the creator can delete the sales page.

Note: Users can share the videos embedded in a sales page for which they have a minimum of View permission.

To set sales page privacy:

  1. Click on the Library icon from the left navbar and then click on Sales Pages.

  1. Now, click on the Set Access (lock) icon near the sales page which you wish to set privacy before sharing.

  1. Select the Visibility (Only Me, Everyone in the organisation, Specific user) and Permission (View, Edit) you wish to set.

  2. Once done, click Save. The selected visibility and permission will be set for the sales page.