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With Sales Page Analytics, you can monitor to ensure that your shared sales pages (with your prospect) perform well.  With Hippo Video, apart from the convenience of recording and sending videos, you get access to all the sales page insights.  

This report will show you the key performance indicators of the sales page, such as:

  • Total Page Views - Total number of times the page has been viewed.
  • Unique Page Views - The number of unique viewers who had viewed the page.
  • Average Page Time - The average amount of time spent on the sales page.
  • Bounce Rate - Rate of unique users who landed on the sales page and left without any interaction.
  • Total CTA Clicked - Total number of times all the CTAs on the sales page have been clicked.
  • Total Video Replies - Total number of video replies submitted.
  • Average Video Viewed Percentage - The average duration of time spent on watching the video.
  • Total Document Views: Total number of times all documents have been viewed.
  • Performance Indicator - Shows the increase or decrease in page engagement between present data and past data for a selected time period.
  • Overall Sales Page Engagement Report - Helps track how the sales page has performed for each team member.
  • CTA clicks (pie chart) - Total number of clicks inside the sales page (any links).

Additionally, you can also measure the performance and identify which CTAs are receiving the most clicks (links, buttons, videos, and documents). It gives you insight on how to optimize your sales page for more conversion.   

To track sales page analytics:

  1. Login to the Hippo Video account. 

  2. Click on the Library icon from the left navbar > Sales Pages and click on the View Report button near the respective sales page.


  1. You will see the sales page’s snapshot only if it is shared or viewed at least once. 

Note: The date range for the report can be set as the Last 7 daysLast 30 days, and Last 90 days. 
  1. The Date Range selector is at the top right corner. 

  1. Use the date range buttons, to view the reports for a given time period.

  2. To view the detailed count of clicks, click on the Performance Report tab. 

  1. Here, you can also measure the performance and identify which CTAs are receiving the most clicks (links, buttons, videos, and documents).

  2. The total number of clicks by the user on the page are depicted by colors ranging from blue to red.

Note: Color Code Legend
  • Blue color represents 0 to 20 % of clicks. 

  • Green color represents 20 to 40 % of clicks.

  • Yellow color represents 40 to 60 % of clicks.

  • Orange color represents 60 to 80 % of clicks.

  • Red color represents 80 to 100 % of clicks.

  1. To exit the report, click on the Exit Report button at the top right corner. 

Note: Editing the sales page will affect the existing reports. If necessary,  it is advised to duplicate it to make edits.

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