1. Click on the Sales icon from the left navbar > Sales Pages and then click on the Create New at the top right corner. 

  2. All your sales pages will be listed. 

  3. You’ll have an option to search the sales pages using various ways: Filter by, Sort by, and Search. 

  1. Click on edit icon near the sales page. It will redirect you to a Preview Page where you can edit.

  2. All the elements that are available on the preview page are customizable. Here, you have an option to edit title, format text, and insert an image.

  1. Click on the Edit   icon at the top of the screen to edit the title.

  2. Click on any of the Text that you would like to format. You can enter the respective content, i.e. heading & description, by placing the cursor over the text. Here shown is an example of heading content.

  1. In case, if you want to delete the text box, then you can click Delete from the top right corner of the box.

  2. The Insert Merge Field drop-down menu at the top of the screen has three tabs, Contacts, Users, and Videos. It helps insert following fields,

    1. Contacts - includes your end-users details such as first name, last name, email, company name, country, city, and phone number.

  1. Users - includes your organization user’s details such as first name, last name, email, company name, country, and video URL.
    Note:  Merge fields for under users’ tab, will fetch details from the Profile Settings (based on your update).

  1. Videos - includes your video heading and description to the sales/landing page
    Note: If you select the “${Video.Description} and ${Video. Title}” merge fields, then the description and title details will be fetched from the video preview page.

  1. In case, if you want to remove a specific section from the template then place the cursor/hover the mouse over the section and click Delete .

  2. To edit the primary video, hover the mouse over the video and click Change Primary Video & then choose the appropriate video. 

Note: You can also resize the primary video. Click on the video, navigate to the top of the screen & drag the horizontal bar near the Scale to increase/decrease the video size.

  1. To edit the buttons, click the button that you want to change. Here, showing an example of the Schedule Meeting button.

  1. Once you click on the buttons, at the top of the screen, you will have an option to change the button type, button text, text color, background color, and scheduling app. 

Note: From the Scheduling App drop-down list, select Calendly/Hubspot option, and enter the URL or select Personal Link. The URL fetches from the Profile Settings (based on your update).

  1. Once you’ve done, click .

  2. To edit the slider videos & documents, hover the mouse over the video and then click on Add Slider Videos & Documents or click on the video and then click on Add Videos and Documents at the top of the screen.

  3. Click on Import From Library tab, to import video, image, and document from library. 
    Note: To learn how to import documents or images inside the HV library, click here.

Note: The Green tick indicates selection and The added videos will get listed at the bottom of the window.

  1. Click on Local tab, to import video from your local drive.

  2. Click on Add Via Link tab, to import the website, landing page, or link directly.

  1. Enter a valid link and then click Check.

  1. The Title will be fetched automatically.

  2. By default, the Thumbnail is set. You can also edit the thumbnail (optional) and upload based on the preferred size.

  3. Click on Add Link. You’ll be able to see the thumbnail of the added link.

  1. Click on Import

  2. You will notice the selected image, video, document, and website loaded as a thumbnail inside the sales page.

Note: Click on the right and left arrow buttons near the thumbnail to move the slides.

  1. You have an option to edit the video name inside the carousel by clicking on the Edit icon below the video thumbnail.

  1. You can either delete the existing videos and add new videos or directly add new videos by selecting from the Hippo Video Library.

  2. Click on Import. The changes will be updated automatically below the Slider.

  3. Once you’ve done with the editing process, click on Save at the bottom of the screen.