1. Login to Hippo Video with your credentials.

  2. Click on the Library tab on the top and then click on the All Videos

  3. Now, select the video to personalize. 

Note: Once you have edited your video using the Pro-Edit feature then you will not have an option to edit using Quick Edit (will be disabled). 

  1. Click on Edit Video > Quick Edit

  1. Click on the Scissor icon, to trim out any part of the video.

  2. You could also crop, add emojis or callouts, blur out parts of the screen or resize your video.

  3. Click on the T text icon followed by +Add Text to add a message or greeting to your prospect. You can format the text by changing the font face, size & color.

  4. To personalize the video with your prospect’s details, click on +Add Merge Fields and then choose the First Name from the list.

  1. Use the orange seek bar at the bottom to enter Start Time and End Time for the personalization text and click Save. This determines the duration and position of the text in the video.

  1. You will notice the content added to your video.

  2. Once you’re done, click on the Save

Note: You can add more than one merge field to the video. Fields like last name, company name, email, location, etc. can be used to personalize the video as per your requirement and video content.

  1. To send out the personalized video, click on Video Campaigns from the tab on the right and click on Send Mail.

  2. You will notice the personalized video pasted a thumbnail in the email body.

  3. Click on Add contacts and select your prospects’ from the People tab.

  4. You can also import contacts from a CSV or google sheets.

  5. Type in your email message, enter the catchy Subject line, and hit Send.

  6. You could also Schedule this mail to be sent later. 

  1. Here’s how the email would appear in your prospect’s inbox. Kindly notice that the first name has been personalized in both cases.

Sample 1:

Sample 2:

Personalizing a video in ‘Pro-edit’ mode

  1. From the video preview page, click on Edit Video > Pro-Edit.

  2. Click on the T icon to add a message/greeting to your prospect in the video.

  3. Enter the text. For, e.g. ‘Hi’ and format the text by changing the font face, size, color.

  1. To personalize the video with your prospect’s details by click on Add Merge Fields and then choose the First Name from the list.

  2. Click on Add.  You will notice the content added to your video and a ‘T’ text clip added as a new layer in the timeline below. 

  1. To adjust the position of the merge field text, click on the ‘T’ clip in the timeline and move it to your desired position

  2. Resize the width to adjust the duration.

  3. Click on the Send Mail below the Video Campaign from the right side tab.

  4. Then, follow the steps from 12 to 16, as explained for the Quick Edit feature.