Hippo Video now introduces ‘Jeffery Gitomer’ your video sales coach; sales influencer & best-selling author of 13+ sales best-sellers, which includes Little Red Book of Selling, The Sales Bible, etc. 

Note: The “Widget” will be available only for the sales Trial and Paid users.

  1. Once you log in to Hippo Video, you will be prompted with the widget at the bottom of the screen.

  1. You can either click on the Okay and skip to step 8, to send the video for review instantly.

  2. Or, click on the Cancel, you will be instructed to record the video and send it later. 

  1. Click on the Okay, Got IT, and proceed with recording. 

  2. Once you’ve done with recording, you can click on the Initial icon on the top of the right corner to open up the side menus for the review option. 

  3. Now, click on the Submit Video For Review. The widget will appear.

  4. Click on the Okay

  5. You will be redirected to the record view and get reviewed by Jeffery Gitomer screen.

  1. You can send the video for review in two ways either by recording or by choosing an existing one from the Choose File.

  2. Click on the Start Recording, to record a video.

  3. Click on the Finish Recording, when it is done.

  1. Your video will now be available for playback. Click on Retake to record your video again.

  2. Click on Edit Video and then on the Trim icon, to trim out the beginning or end of the video.

  1. You could also crop, add emojis or callouts, blur out parts of the screen or resize your video.

  2. Click on the T icon, to add text.

  3. Once you’ve done, click on the Save & Next

  4. Fill in the required details and then check the box.


  1. Finally, click on the Submit

  2. The video will be submitted to Jeffery Gitomer and a notification mail will be sent to you along with a FB Closed group link. You can join the group where Gitomer will be reviewing 10 videos in a week.