Email sequences in Hubspot are a boon for sales reps as they help automate repetitive tasks and save a ton of time which can be productively used in prospecting and selling. 


Sales reps can make these emails look less automated and more human by adding videos to them and connect better with prospects thereby resulting in better response rates and sales.



  • Hippo Video account. Click here to Sign Up

  • Hippo Video chrome extension. Click here to learn to install the chrome extension.

To add personalized videos to HubSpot sequences

  1. Log in to your HubSpot account.

  2. Click on the Automation tab on top and then click on Sequences from the menu. 

  3. You will find all your existing sequences listed here.

  4. To add videos to an existing sequence, hover your mouse over the sequence of your choice and click on Edit.

  1. You will find the sequence steps listed on this page. 

  2. To add a video in any of the steps, click on the Edit icon on the top right corner.

  3. Click on the orange Hippo Video icon at the bottom of the Edit template window. 

  4. Click on Start recording to record your message.

  5. Click on Finish Recording when done. 

  6. Select the text New Recording above the video to change the default video name to a name of your choice.

  7. Click on Edit Video, to modify the video, if required.
    Note: All videos can be personalized in the edit step. Doesn't matter if it's a newly recorded video or an existing video from the library.

  1. Once you have completed editing, your video is now ready to be shared.

  2. If you wish to send out your video via a sales page, click the Sales Page tab on the top right corner to select a sales page template to embed.         

  3. Then, click on the Thumbnail tab on the top right corner to choose a thumbnail for the video.

  4. Once you’ve selected your thumbnail, click on Copy to Clipboard

  5. You can now edit or remove the email text in the edit template window and paste the video.
    Note: Press Ctrl+V (if you are working on Windows OS) or Command+V (if you are working on Mac OS) to paste the video.

  1. You will notice your video getting pasted as a thumbnail.

  2. Click on Update existing template and the template gets updated.

  3. You have successfully added a video email to your HubSpot sequence.

  4. You can now repeat these steps to replace as many text emails with videos in the sequence.


We just learned about replacing text emails with videos in a sequence. To add a new video email to the sequence

  1. Just click on the add (‘+’) icon in between the steps.

  2. From the Add a new template/task window on the right, click on +Create template.

  3. Click on the orange hippo video icon at the bottom of the Add new template window.

  4. Add a video by repeating from Step 7 (below preview heading).