• Hippo Video Account

  • Hippo Video chrome extension. Click here, to install.

Adding a video to an email template in HubSpot:

  1. If you are a new user, click here to sign up for Hippo Video or go to the Videos and Documents

  2. Select any video from the library, and click on Marketing Tools and choose the Call to Action option from the Timeline Actions list.

  1. Select HubSpot under the Type drop-down menu.

  1. Enter the Portal IdClick here to learn how to get the portal Id

  2. Enter the Form IdClick here to learn how to get the form Id.

  3. Set the Background theme to Light/Dark.

  4. Set the exact time of the video where you want the form to appear and click Apply to save the changes.

  5. Once the video is shared and played by your prospects, the added form will be populated to them.

  6. As soon as the form gets filled, you shall notice the lead gets added under Contacts within HubSpot.


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