1. Log-in to Hippo Video using your existing credentials.

  2. Select  ‘Campaigns’ from the quick navigation bar on top. 

  3. Click on ‘Create Campaign’.

  4. Select ‘Landing Pages’ from the two options enlisted. 

  1. Click on ‘Proceed’.

  2. You can either select an existing landing page that contains a video, or select the ‘Create new landing page’ option. This will redirect you to a new page where you can select a sales page template to proceed. 

Note: You can choose to preview a sales page before you select it. 

  1. Once you have created a sales page, navigate back to the Campaigns page and click on the ‘Refresh’ icon. You can now find your sales page here. 

  1. Click on ‘Save and Next’. 

  2. You can now preview your landing page and edit it by clicking on the ‘Edit template’ if you require. 

  3. Click on ‘Save and Next’. 

  4. You can now integrate with some of your favorite tools like Google, Outlook, or SMTP, or select a marketing software from the drop-down menu. It is recommended to click on Google and authorize your account.

  1. Click on ‘Save and Next’.

  2. In order to personalize your video according to contact information, grant access to your local documents such as sheets, contacts, or desktop and proceed by clicking on ‘Save and Next’. 

  1. You can now preview your campaign and either schedule it for later, or send it out now by clicking on ‘Launch Campaigns’. 

  15. As you can see, you will receive a pop-up notification confirming that your campaign has been launched.