Ever wonder why marketers adore emails? Because emails work! At least for most of the marketers, in most of the times. If you are in the rest of the marketers’ list, maybe it is time for you to check for the ingredient that you were missing to add in your emails. 

Personalized Videos!

Sending personalized video emails help you experience boosted engagement with prospects, calendar with full of meetings, accelerated sales pipeline, and more closed deals!

Learn how to include a video inside HubSpot Email template using Hippo Video. 

To Quickly Include a Video for 1:1 Emails:

1. Login to your Hippo Video account and select the video you want to include in your HubSpot email. 

2. Once the video is selected, you will be directed to a new window with ‘Copy Link / Copy Link With Thumbnail’ in the Quick Actions Widget under the video. Copy the link you require.

3. Now, login to your HubSpot account, select the intended receiver and paste the link in the email draft. Your email is ready to be sent. 

4. However, individual tracking will not work in this method. If you want to avail individual tracking, read next. 

5. If you want to track your user analytics on the video, you can do that by using the ‘Share Privately’ tab in Quick Actions Widget on Hippo Video. 

6. Enter the receiver’s credentials and merge fields for the video. 

7. Copy the video link and paste it in the email draft on Hubspot. Your 1:1 video email is ready to be sent with user analytics enabled.  

To Include Videos in an Email Campaign Sending through HubSpot:


1. Sending videos in emails could not get easier than this! Select the video from the Library, select ‘Video Campaigns’ and choose ‘HubSpot’ in Campaign Link drop-down.

2. Copy the video code in the Email Merge Tag section. 

3. Goto ‘Marketing Tab’ in HubSpot and select Email and then select New Email. And, you will be led to select two options. 

  • Custom
  • Drag And Drop

4. Custom - If you select Custom, you can customize your email and then select the required field to edit on the HTML Editor. 

5. Paste the copied video code and Save. Your email is ready for your first video campaign through HubSpot, powered by Hippo Video. 

6. Drag and Drop - If you have selected the Drag and Drop Option, you might have to copy only the thumbnail URL (link with text ‘thumbnail’) in the Email Merge tag section.

7. This thumbnail URL appears as the image in the email draft on HubSpot. This image needs to be linked to the video URL which you can find in the same copied code (Link with ‘Video/Play’ text). 

A pinch of personalization can change the fate of your email campaign and videos have an innate ability to increase your open rates. Start integrating Hippo Video to all your favorite sales and marketing platforms, NOW!

Contact support@hippovideo.io for any questions!