It’s always a good approach to have face to face conversations with your prospects rather than spamming their inbox with text emails. But, with customers and companies being countries away, having in-person meetings is unapt.


Well, not anymore!


Incorporating videos in emails is as effective and engaging as in-person meetings. You can connect with your prospects, engage, and convert them with a personalized video in emails. Hippo Video’s integration with Outreach lets you book more demos, close more accounts, and have face to face conversations using videos. Quickly record/upload from the library, send, and track videos in real-time.


P.S: You need not manually integrate Hippo Video with Outreach, it is enabled by default. 



How to send video emails through Outreach?

To incorporate a video in an email,

  1. Open a new email compose window in Outreach.

  2. You can either choose to create a new email (sequences, templates, and snippets) or open the task flow.

  3. Once you’re in the compose window, you will see the Hippo Video logo on the bottom toolbar. Click on the Hippo Video logo.

  1. If you’re using Hippo Video for the first time, you’ll see a pop-up in Outreach. Click on the ‘Sign Up’ button and authorize Hippo Video to run inside Outreach.

  2. If you already have a Hippo Video account, log in with your credentials, and authorize the integration.

  3. To add a personalized video in your email, create a video beforehand. Using Hippo Video, add relevant merge fields to your video and, save. 

  1. Click on the Hippo Video logo, go to the library and select the personalized video (Make sure the merge fields data is added to the respective prospects.)

  1. In case you want to send a one-to-one personal video, click on the record option to capture your face, screen, and audio (You can choose the input options before recording.)

  1. You can also add a personalized video landing page to your email. Click here to know how to create one.

  2. Once you’ve picked your video(s)/landing page, click ‘Insert.’

You can always track your video email performance from your Hippo Video account, in real-time. Hippo Video provides insights on ‘who watched,’ ‘watch-rate,’ ‘viewer location,’ etc.


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