If you’re using HubSpot as your CRM, then you don’t have to juggle around different platforms and software to unlock the power of videos. Create compelling videos with interactive CTAs, forms, and customize your video player to match it with your brand. Personalize videos based on individual customer interests, at scale. Hippo Video's integration with HubSpot enables you to incorporate videos anywhere on your website, web pages, emails, articles, etc.


Based on how your viewers interact with your video content, Hippo Video provides the lead score. You can then curate your marketing & sales workflows. Personalized customer workflows help you acquire quality leads and close more deals.


P.S: You can track your viewer interactions only in the HubSpot's 'Marketing Enterprise' plan. However you can access and incorporate videos throughout your customer lifecycle.

How to integrate Hippo Video with HubSpot?

  1. Log in to your Hippo Video account.

  2. Go to ‘INTEGRATIONS’ tab and click on the ‘INTEGRATE’ button next to Hubspot.

  1. You’ll be directed to a new page. Choose your HubSpot account.

  2. Then, grant access to allow Hippo Video to integrate with your HubSpot account.

  3. There you go, by now you’re all set and have integrated with Hippo Video.

Once you’re successfully integrated,

  1. Open your HubSpot account in a new tab and go to the Contacts tab.

  1. Click on any contact and select ‘Filter activity.’

  2. Now, enable ‘Hippo Video’ to view your lead’s video activity and inform you within your HubSpot account.

Based on the lead activity you can create customized workflows,

  1. Go to the Automation tab available on the top bar. Then, select workflows and create a new workflow.

  2. For example, you can click on ‘Contact-based’ → ‘Add an action’ → and choose If/then branch to select your filter with Hippo Video.

Similarly, you can create multiple workflows based on your lead activity with Hippo Video events.

Hope this article is helpful. If you’ve any questions, contact us at support@hippovideo.io