In today’s fast-paced, ever-expanding world of endless solutions for a single problem, it’s hard to connect with your page visitors instantly. If you are looking for better ways to improve your conversion rates and capture visitors attention, it’s time to leverage the power of videos and hyper-personalize your page. To achieve that, Hippo Video is the best place to start. 

Hippo Video introduces personalized video landing pages using which you can create a great personalized video landing page in minutes without having to write code.


Let’s jump into the details of how you can create one on your own:

To begin with, log in to your Hippo Video account.

  1. Go to ‘VIDEO PAGES’ () available on the top bar.

  2. Then, navigate to ‘CREATE NEW’ and hover over a template and tap ‘CREATE PAGE’ to customize your landing page.

  1. Once you enter into the page, you can select each element and edit or delete it to match your requirements.

  2. To personalize your page, select a text element and click on ‘Insert Merge Field’ available on the top bar. Then choose a merge field to personalize your landing page.

  3. Now, to replace your videos on the page, hover over the respective video and tap on ‘CHANGE PRIMARY VIDEO.’

  1. You can either select a video from your library or create a brand new one and then personalize and customize it.

  1. You can edit or delete the CTA buttons and direct your page visitors to your website or other pages by adding the link.

  1. Then, if you want your page visitors to watch your other videos, choose videos from your Hippo Video library. The videos will be added automatically in the same order that you selected them.

  1. Once you’ve customized and personalized your page, click ‘NEXT.’ Then give a name to your landing page, customize your page URL and domain. Hippo Video also enables you to set a fallback URL, favicon, landing page thumbnail, privacy to your personalized landing page.

  1. Then click ‘SAVE AND NEXT.’


Share Personalized Video Landing Pages:

Now that you’ve created your own personalized video landing page, let’s see how you can share it with your contacts.


Approach 1:


You can choose to share it privately with a single contact by entering the merge fields inputs to personalize. Then copy the link and share it with them. You’ll find this option right below your landing page preview.


Approach 2:


If you want to launch a landing page campaign via email, within Hippo Video. Choose an email template, or write your own copy. You can also personalize your email content by typing ‘$.’

Then, import a CSV file that holds your contacts information along with the merge field inputs. Then click ‘SEND.’



Approach 3:


In case you are using an email campaign provider. Go to ‘Campaign Link’ and select the software you are using to launch a campaign. Customize your thumbnail size and copy the code provided.

Now, navigate to your campaign provider and paste the same code in your email template and launch.


Check out this video guide for the same process: