Steps to record your presentation:

  1. Before you kick-start recording, open your presentation.

  2. Go to the given link in Chrome browser ''

  3. Choose your inputs by checking all - ‘SCREEN RECORD,’ ‘WEBCAM,’ and ‘MIC.’

  4. Navigate to ‘Audio/Video & Resolution Settings’ to change the video settings and source of your webcam and mic, if needed.

  5. Once you are ready, click on ‘RECORD.’ You’ll be prompted to install the Hippo Video Chrome Extension to capture your screen.

  6. Click on ‘INSTALL’ → ‘Add to Chrome’ → ‘Add Extension.’

Come back to the Hippo Video recording tab and click on the ‘RECORD’ button to begin recording your presentation. Then, click on ‘Share’ from the pop-up window to share the contents of your screen.

Now, to stop recording your presentation, tap on the Hippo Video extension available on the top-right corner of your browser tab, and click ‘Finish Recording.’ Also, if you ever want to pause recording your presentation. Click on the extension and select ‘Pause.’