Hippo Video now offers valuable insights on every video campaign you send across to your contacts. The campaign reports include all the data and functionality along with the detailed information about your contacts and campaign performance. With detailed reports you will be able to understand, connect, and act on your contact information, all in one place.


How to view campaign reports?

Follow the steps below to see reports for every individual video email campaign.

1. Go to the video that you have attached to your email campaign.

2. Navigate to ‘VIDEO CAMPAIGNS’ → ‘Reports’

3. You can see the reports based on three categories. 

  • Sent using Hippo Video : If you have launched your video email campaign via Hippo Video.
  • Sent from a campaign provider : If you have launched the campaign using other campaign providers.
  • Others : Includes embedding your videos on a website, page, private email.

4. Now, when you open your report you will see general campaign data like ‘no. of emails sent for a campaign,’ ‘no. of contacts opened your video email,’ and ‘no. of contacts played the video.’

5. If you click on the individual report, you will access the detailed information of your contacts.