How long can you continue explaining solutions to your peers over endless emails and chat threads? Try incorporating videos to reduce resolution time and increase engagement.


By integrating Hippo Video with Freshservice, you can quickly record solution videos and share them with your peers.


How to install Hippo Video app and integrate with Freshservice?


To begin with, log in to your Freshservice account and go to your profile avatar → profile settings to copy the API key.

  1. Once you’ve copied, go to settings and navigate to ‘Apps’.

  2. Tap on the ‘Get More Apps’ button, search for ‘Hippo Video’ and click on Install.

  3. Now, paste the API key and enter your Freshservice admin email address.

  4. After you fill in the details, the Hippo Video app will be installed.

To start using videos within your Freshservice account,

  1. Go to ‘Tickets’ and select a conversation.

  2. You will find the Hippo Video widget under the Apps to your right-hand side.

  1. Using the widget, you can quickly record or select a recorded video from your library and share it to reduce the issue resolution time.

  2. Ask your employees to record their issues for better understanding and get their feedback as well.

Here’s a video guide that shows the above process:

Contact us if you’ve any questions.