Start using videos in your sales funnel from within your Outlook account itself. Hippo Video’s integration with Outlook helps you manage your sales deals efficiently with videos. You can record, edit, and import videos directly from your Outlook account and share them with your leads and customers instantly. 

You can add lead generation forms and CTAs to your video asking your leads to book a demo.

How to integrate Hippo Video with Outlook?

To set up the integration,

  1. Log in to your Outlook account, select any email, and click on reply.

  2. Now, select the ellipses menu () and click ‘Get Add-ins,’ and then search for Hippo Video to install the plugin.            

  1. Once you have installed the Hippo Video plugin successfully, go to compose mail or reply mail and click on the ellipses menu ().

  2. You’ll be shown the list of the installed outlook plugins, click on the Hippo Video plugin.

  3. Then you’ll see a widget on the right side of your screen as shown below.

  1. To begin using the widget, you’ll be prompted to sign in using your Outlook account. This is a one-time authentication to provide security for your account.

  2. After you’ve signed in successfully, you can record a video, ask for a video reply, and import videos to Outlook from your Hippo Video library.

Now you have the power of videos in your hands to help you close deals faster and engage your customers better, as you’ve already integrated your Outlook with Hippo Video.