Video in emails is an exciting way to reach your leads/customers and engage them. With Hippo Video, you can make your emails more human and engaging.

Wondering how? 

Attach a personalized video to your email campaign. Now you can add a personalized video to your emails within your campaign provider.


Now, before we step into the process of creating a personalized video campaign let’s see how to personalize your video:


Thumbnail Personalization

  1. First, set a thumbnail by manually selecting a frame from your video, or by choosing the default frame. You can also import an image to set as a thumbnail.

  1. Now to personalize your video thumbnail, select ‘PERSONALIZE VIDEO’  → ‘PERSONALIZE THUMBNAIL’.

  2. You can insert a text as well as a logo to personalize your thumbnail.

  3. To personalize your video with the right logo, make sure to add a column with the title ‘logo’ in your spreadsheet. Then insert the required image link addresses for each recipient.

  1. Once you’ve made the necessary changes, click ‘SAVE’.

Video Personalization

  1. You can personalize your video by adding merge fields.

  2. Go to ‘PERSONALIZE VIDEO’ → , and then click on the  button.

  3. Now, while adding text, type ‘$’ and select a field from the list displayed.

  4. Then click ‘SAVE’ to apply the changes.

Adding a personalized video link to your email campaign template

Now that you’ve personalized your thumbnail as well as your video, so let’s see how to insert the video link in your campaign template:


  2. Select the email campaign provider that you use from the list displayed.

          P.S: In case, the email campaign provider you use is not listed, please contact us. We’ll help you add it.

  1. To modify the thumbnail size, enter width and height in the respective fields and check the box near ‘Responsive’.


Note: Make sure the merge field value(e.g. Email, first name, etc.) in your campaign code is similar to your campaign provider value . If the merge field value is not matched, please edit it with the exact value generated by your email campaign provider.

  1. Then copy the code and head over to your email campaign provider.

  2. Create a new email template and drag the code block to where you’d want to add your personalized video.

  3. Now paste the code to generate a personalized video preview.

That’s it. You are good to hit the send button and launch your personalized email campaign.


Contact us, if you have any questions.