If you’re a sales rep or a marketeer, you’d constantly try to find simpler ways to collect information from your audience. And there is no doubt in saying that videos have stood out as a favorite way to attract the audience.

So, why not try to use videos to extract your leads information as well? Yes, with Hippo Video you can embed a custom CRM form like the one below.

Whenever a lead fills out the form, their details will be auto-updated in your CRM.


How to add an embed custom form to a video?

  1. Select the video for which you want to add the embed form.

  2. Go to MARKETING TOOLS --> Embed Custom CRM Form.

  1. Then you can enter your HTML code and set the time at which you’d prefer the form to appear in your video.

  2. Once you’ve filled all the required details, click .


That’s it! Your video is good to go. Contact us if you’ve any questions.