A personalized video thumbnail works similar to a book cover and people are more likely to click through to your video. It sells your video to potential customers. Now, let’s learn how to personalize your thumbnail.

Firstly, login to your Hippo Video account and select a video for which you’d like to add a thumbnail.

  1. Tap on the ‘CUSTOMIZE VIDEO’ tile available on the right side of the video.

  1. Then you will see options to either choose a frame from your videos or upload a picture.

  1. After you upload an image, click on ‘Add Text / Personalize’ to personalize your thumbnail by adding merge fields and a business logo.

  2. You can further mass personalize your thumbnail by inserting the lead’s details in your spreadsheet.

  3. Once you’ve added the required elements to your thumbnail, click ‘SAVE.’

That’s it, now go ahead and start creating personalized thumbnails to improve your video open-rates.

Here’s a video guide that shows how to customize a thumbnail with Hippo Video: