Why pay for multiple services when you can get a stockpile of features within one platform?

Convert your visitors into leads, import leads, get lead workflows, send video emails, get a performance dashboard, touch base with your leads and much more everything within your Hippo Video account.

Recording, sharing, and tracking videos has never been so easy. Also, with our new features businesses can make their entire communications process faster and create a genuine connection with their prospects.

Here’s how it works-

Go to ‘Prospects’ tab and import all your leads into Hippo Video.

To import, click on the  button and choose a CSV file which holds your lead’s information. While importing leads, you can assign them to a respective sales representative.


  1. You’ll be provided an option to record and send a video using which, you can start a face-to-face communication with your leads.

  1. After you’ve finished recording, you can edit your video to perfection and customize it the way your lead would like.

  1. Then you can add a title, description, timeline actions and a compelling thumbnail to your video.


  1. To share a video with your lead, click on ‘Send Mail’ which will open a new pop-up 'Configure Mail.' Upon clicking that you will be navigated to the email settings page where you can connect with your email account. Now, you can add a subject and email content and send the mail.

  2. Once the email is sent, you’ll be notified with a success message.

  3. Alternatively, you can share your video using a URL, or embed it on a page or website with our embed code.                        


  1. The moment a lead takes any action on your email, you’ll know – all in real time.

  2. Your lead’s status will be updated whenever they open your email and play your video.

  3. Get detailed reports to analyze how leads respond to your videos.

You can also use webhooks to track your leads.

Now that you have a platform to manage all your leads in a more efficient way, go ahead, start your face-to-face communication, and turn your leads into paying customers.