The idea behind grouping every possible detail about video viewers is to explore what viewers like the most in a video. Now you can get stats of your viewers beyond just video counts. 

Let’s see the data you get to help monitor the performance of your videos.

To start with,

  1. Log in to Hippo Video and select a video to analyze the viewer profile report.

  2. Click on (Reports) available on the right side of the video. Scroll down the page to find the viewers profile data.

Viewer profile includes:

  • Viewer play report:

This report gives you an overall idea of how well your videos hold on to audiences. You’ll know whether a user is watching the whole video or any specific portion multiple times. You can understand which part of your video leads to audience retention, where the viewer has skipped your video or which part of your video are the most popular.

This information is helpful to learn about your audience's viewing habits and get inspired to craft more videos which drive people to watch longer.

  • Viewer device report:

In this report, you see information about the device type and the operating system that accessed your video. For example, the device includes computers, mobiles, TVs and an operating system like Windows, Firefox, Linux, etc.

And, don’t forget we provide the location of the video viewer including the IP address of the device. This data helps you identify from which location your videos are getting the maximum views.